Beatings and Salivations!

I am Lucius Haydn K.N.S. This page was originally begun by Rev. Judas IMOK K.S.C., but he has since abandoned his self and has embraced a new one. It was supposedly a "necessary" evolution. 

I am determined to continue on with his intention for this page is to be a repository of all the various Discordian documents I can find that are considered important (or not) by the various cabal's/groups/individuals in this (dis)organization.
You can find a link to the books next to my name before this obligatory block of text.

If a link fails to work or you have a document you would like us to add, please send an email. With all the sites that have gone away, I will do my best at keeping this site up -to-date.

"Reality is the original Rorschach. Think For Yourself, Schmuck!"